LeeBai was founded by four young ambitious engineers with extensive experience in tooling design and manufacturing. The company started its first manufacturing operation with “Moore Jig Boring machine” to provide manufacturing facility for die-set, die plate and Quick Die change system of progressive die used in manufacturing of High Speed & precision computer terminals.
LeeBai further expands its manufacturing facilities by further investment in machinery such as Japan Seibu Wire-Cut machine, Moore Jig Grinder(J/G) Machine and Myford I/O Cylindrical Grinding Machine. The investment has enhanced its capabilities to manufacture die-set plate, ball bearing bushing, ball retainer and guide post for the progressive die.
Long Tech, USA was set up as a regional sales office to serve its North-America region customers by supplying precision Ball bearing bushing, ball retainer and guide post.
Lee Bai restructured its facilities to equip the Company with new tool design and assembly facilities to specialize in manufacturing of progressive dies for Electronic and Automobile industries.
To make its marks globally, particularly in China, LeeBai has joint venture with a company specialized in manufacturing of interlocked progressive dies for Motor Cores stacking with Rotor & Stator to explore worldwide markets of electrical motor lamination dies.
Ching Lian Precision Technology Ltd. was incorporated by Lee Bai to specialize in manufacturing electrical motor core lamination die, Die-set and progressive die.
The Company was accredited ISO 9001 : 2000 to provide better product quality and services. The same quality control system was also implemented in Ching Lian manufacturing facilities to ensure its uniformity of quality standard.
Lee Bai has set up its Regional Sales office in ShangHai to be closed to its customers.
Assembly facilities was also set up in Shanghai and Dong Guan to further support its operational needs and after sales services in tandem with the significant increase of Foreign Direct Investment in China.
"Lee Bai Industrial Group" was incorporated to manage its offshore manufacturing facilities and sales offices for effective resources planning. This is also to introduce a new Corporate Identity and enhance company image and reputation with global market as the ultimate goal. The Group will continue to set up new regional sales offices to continue to give its customers excellent support. This will also enable the Group to further explore new business opportunities.
Lee Bai integrated domestic motor parts manufacturing plants,Shunda Industry,Tongtex Industry,and Yu Jin Industry,to develop together and design a variety of assembly lines needed in motor manufacturing process and spreaded them to every internationally famous firm.
To take part in the market of car-used Generator Motor,LEE BAI cooperated with Ingyu Industry to reform Full Automatic Winding equipment to produce Stator Core.As a result,Lee Bai extended the area of professional motor manufacturing plant.
With the prosperous development of China and international business,Lee Bai positively purchased a variety of press machines,Such as Ingyu 350Ton,Dobby 300Ton,SEIKO 40Ton,ISIS125 Ton, LEM40Ton,Doble Column Surface Grinder,30 projection measuring instrument,etc,to correspond the need of future market.


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